The growth trajectory of Cielo Y Tierra (Heaven and Earth) music is parallel to the alternative movements of World Music.


Pedro Vadhar is one of the founders and participants of the group Puente de Winkuta (Winkuta Bridge) from 1987 to 1990. After travelling and experiencing a "New Age" birth of ideas together with Arguelles, Miyo, Velasco Pina, Alberto Ruz and others, Pedro Vadhar is now integrating musical elements drawn from the most profound Mexican and American indigenous roots. Cielo Y Tierra is music which popularizes many of the ritual chants of the indigenous nations of the American continent.


These experiences laid the foundation for Pedro to create his musical company in 1991, Cielo Y Tierra, with the support of the Peace and Dignity movements of indigenous communities. Pedro is one of the principal founders and organizers of the Vision Councils of Mexico. All this led to the reaffirmation of Cielo Y Tierra's musical concept, which is characterized by it's fusion of Native American chants with contemporary instruments and harmonies.


The 1991 album La Diosa de la Niebla (The Goddess of the Fog) set the tone for the 1993 album Fermatta for Warner Music, in which Pedro teamed with Mario Santos, Juan C Paz and Puente de Winkuta.


In 1994 Cielo Y Tierra signed with Warner Music, Mexico to produce the album, Cielo Y Tierra, which is rated one of the best albums ever produced in Hispanic language. The album features Dan Laksman (producer and mixing engineer from Deep Forest) and also features Jon Anderson (world famous vocalist from Yes) on two cuts.


In 1999 they recorded the album Indui in Argentina and Mexico, which led to a wonderful unexpected rebirth of ancient American musical magic.




Cielo Y Tierra's music is proudly responsible for maintaining and strengthening beautiful images of the shamanic world found in the culture of American indigenous people. Cielo Y Tierra is a bridge for understanding our origins for generations to come. As future horizons of mankind become clear, we return to our Mother Earth's bosom to survive the ravages of our "first world" civilization.


In 2002 and 2003 Pedro worked in Ibiza, Spain, with prestigious musicians of electronic music.


From 2004 to 2006 he produced the album Trancisiones (Transitions) with Estusha Grinberg.


In 2007 Cielo Y Tierra produced Los Cantos de Curacion (Healing Songs).


2009, 2010 and 2011 have brought Cielo Abierto (Open Sky), produced by Pedro Vadhar along with Deva Baumbach, in which they play LIVE in Cumbre Tajin (in Veracruz, Mexico) as a tribute to the sacred chantings and prayers of the Totonacan language.


Pedro's current musical production continues the Cielo Y Tierra concept by recording a new album called Recuerdos del Futuro (Future Memories), with Deva Baumbach, Irene S. Zugaza and Aurelie Dupont. You can see and hear the new album in a concert to be played March 17th, 2011 in Cumbre Tajin, Veracruz, Mexico.


A replay concert of Cielo Abierto (Open Sky) will also be played March 19th, 2011 in Tajin.


Comments from the Press

Tiempo Libre Magazine, October 1996:

"Cielo Y Tierra at present is about focusing attention on something more than a story or a process, it is an experience in which reality and fantasy go hand in hand..."


Novedades, January 2005:

"With Cielo Y Tierra we see ourselves faced with a concept that brings together music and experience as one thing in such a way in which labels fade to the backround, leading to a shared experience as well as the encounter of much more universal elements..."


Chicago Tribune, 1995:

"We can define Cielo Y Tierra as a project which is capable of interpreting the feelings that are experienced in this change of eras. In other words, it is a music which takes us out of the ordinary world and into a "no time", that which makes us remember the nostalgia and images of what we have kept buried and which emerges again as an invisible force in the hearts of people of all ages, people who come together in one historical moment. Forgotten roots and fantasies become real as mature visions appear from behind the commercial product's screen with elements all their own..."